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Choose My Food: an app to find food at a restaurant

Posted by yepster

The issue

there are two fundemental issues this is trying to solve

  1. indisicion in picking food
  2. always picking the same thing because it is something that the customer knows

what choose my food is

an app where a user takes a photo of a menu, and gets a recommendation of what to eat. the app will have many modes such as;

  • chaos: give something completely random
  • favorite: give the food the person is most likely to like
  • different: give the food the most different from previous things the person has eaten.
    the user will also be able to filter out things that they don't like depending on their diet 'vegan', 'gluten intollorant' etc.

user flow

  • user opens app and selects restaurant (if the menu already exists on the system for this website shows user that menu, else the user needs to take photos of each page of the menu)
  • user then chooses constaints of what they chaos, favorite, etc
  • user gets what item to choose
  • after they have eaten they rate what they eat.

more details

As time goes on we will be able to build a pretty decent recommender engine for what the user likes to eat.

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what features do you think would be more usefull to add?

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how would this be monitized?

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How likely are you to use this?


what features do you think would be more usefull to add?

Filtering. Maybe if you are able to retrieve the order history of a person from the uber eats app, that would help kickstart the recommendation system.

how would this be monitized?

By doing a partnership with Uber/Doordash... For each successful referral you get a small fee.

I would see people use this for online deliveries more than in real life restaurants.

I think this would work best as a Google Chrome Extension that integrates into the Uber Eats website unless they have an API.

Or maybe you should scrape Uber Eats and index all their restaurants + menus.

It would be fun to be able to make surprize orders. The person gets a surprize recommendation and they discover it when they receive the order.

Review by ybouane